Angio innovations technologies pure

angio innovations technologies pure

Siemens Healthineers, PURE Platform, angiography, EVAR, CTO, RSNA December 7 Fujifilm Presents Latest Innovations in Digital Radiography at RSNA 2016 Technological Advancements in Flat Panel Displays.
“Aixplorer's innovative technology works very well for us, especially in our tendon clinic. It Manager at Pure Sports Medicine of London.
The Pure platform from Siemens Healthcare is designed to simplify the adoption and features on Siemens' Artis zee, Artis Q, and Artis angiography systems. The Pure platform adds smooth use to existing smart technologies while..

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The colors change in real time as X-ray imaging continues. Automated detection boxes highlight suspected ischemic areas of interest and identifies the vessel responsible for supplying blood to the region. We manufacture test objects phantoms and dedicated software.
angio innovations technologies pure

ULTIMARAD - ULTIMATE RADIOLOGY SOLUTIONS:. Managing Complications of Transradial Catheterization. Their high spatial resolution is crucial for imaging intracranial stents or other miniscule structures such as the cochlea in the inner ear. This is the experience of individual users. Toshiba will make PURE ViSION technology available on all new CT systems. It can be displayed on a screen in the cath lab to show the approximate radiation dose that has been delivered cumulatively to specific areas of a patient.

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GestSure displayed a new, FDA-cleared system that allows interventionalists in the cath lab, or surgeons in the operating room, to pick reference images to display on the overhead screens in the room and manipulate the images all hands-free. Esprimed is a medical physics company dedicated to medical imaging. Physicians will need to use a CMS-certified appropriate use criteria AUC clinical decision support software that documents the appropriateness of an imaging order to receive full reimbursement for Medicare patients starting Jan. EKOS Corporation, a BTG International group company.

angio innovations technologies pure