Google image search blocking

google image search blocking

I want to block google image search altogether so that only web links are returned and not images or videos. There just doesn't seem to be any.
Using products like SurfControl, you can block many, many URL's, but there has been a long-standing issue with Google Image search being a.
If you want to block out the Google image search entirely, you can add the following to your restricted list: images.* images.* Make sure to....

Google image search blocking -- flying easy

However if that was the route I wanted to take, I would have done this originally instead of going down the OpenDNS route. Is there a resource that tries to keep the domain list up to date somewhere?

google image search blocking

Google Image Search

Google image search blocking - expedition

Now after contacting Websense it seems we need to purchase another product for SSL interception. The difference in search results is apparent when comparing Google's new image search algorithm to other browsers, and also to some of Google's international sites like Google's German image search site , for example , which have not been updated with the new search rules.

google image search blocking