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Fannie and Freddie paper is owned by institutions and investors worldwide. hazard created when Uncle Sam rewards institutional miscues.
O'Leary HR DOE nurtures openness to mend past miscues. Pol Studies Rev Rasmussen S, Mangalagiu D, Ziock H, Bollen J, Keating G. (Collective Paper presented at Law Soc Assoc, Berlin Germany.
2013 Best Paper Finalist, 16 th International Conference on AI in Education, Comparing .. Morten Rasmussen, PhD student from Aalborg University, Laura Dabbish, and David Steck: mining a database of oral reading miscues...

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Stanford University, Palo Alto,. IT Transformation Trends: Flash Storage as a Strategic IT Asset. Quiz: What Happens to Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown? Presented at Linguistic Society of America LSA Annual Meeting,.

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Workshop on Social and Emotional Intelligence in Learning Environments, Maceio,. Proceedings of the Workshop on Educational Data Mining ,. ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI with SIGSOFT,. Derivations of SPIKE-like search algorithms.