Recent comments blogger

recent comments blogger

This Blogger tutorial explains how to display recent comments of your blog or other blog if you are using one of my template. 1. To add recent comments widget.
Most advanced recent comments widget for blogger blogs. Displays latest comments published on your blogspot blog.
Adding a recent comment widget is very important, because it can attract the visitor to comments on a blog. Follow these steps to learn how to add it. Click on Add a Gadget, then Find HTML/Java Script.

Recent comments blogger - traveling

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recent comments blogger

Traveling easy: Recent comments blogger

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  • Change their values to what your want. The site feeds are set for full.

Recent comments blogger - - travel

In this method, we will use the Blogger published comment feed and display it with the help of the official feed publishing gadget. Free Blogger Templates for your blog. The gadget is coded in JavaScript and styled with CSS but there hasn't been added too much, so that it could fit the color scheme of your Blogger template. MBL Networks, All Rights are Strictly Reserved.