Remuneration compensation

remuneration compensation

A Workers Compensation Term Definition. From a workers compensation perspective rumuneration is the exposure basis used in the premium calculation process. What is payroll or remuneration and how does it effect workers compensation premium.
Remuneration or compensation is payment for work done, in general. The article includes a discussion of types of remuneration and employee.
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Hourly workers are usually in non-exempt jobs - anything from factory workers to clerical staff. Remuneration also has a broader meaning as base salary or pay plus bonuses, commissions, and other payments or benefits paid to an employee under the terms of a contract. I wouldn't consider using compensation in this context. But the taxable value of non-cash incentives is more difficult to determine. Sir—I cannot offer you any remuneration until your gravel shall have formed itself into a stone—when I will cut you with pleasure.

Term Of The Day An economic idea which states that decreasing marginal and capital gains tax rates. When your policy is first set up, the policy premium remuneration compensation based on an estimated exposure. No, create an account. Remuneration is the act of compensating. Difference Between Salary and Hourly. Difference Between Difference Between Things, Terms and Objects. Difference Between Compensation and Restitution. Please contact our office for more specific workers compensation information for your state.


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How We Fix Work Comp Errors. Similar Threads - Remuneration Compensation. The two terms have been used interchangeably or defined the same way countless number of times that it is difficult to draw a distinction. Some paid-time-off benefits are part of the employee's salary or hourly wage package. Display results as threads. Employees may be paid a bonus at various times and for various reasons. Simple dictionary definitions of Payroll and Remuneration:. Many sales positions offer a commission on the sales made by an employee, or a percentage of the amount sold.

remuneration compensation