Trump frozen antisemitic meme clinton

trump frozen antisemitic meme clinton

Donald Trump defends tweet blasted as anti - Semitic . He said there was no comparison between the star on the " Frozen " book and "a Jewish star superimposed on money Hillary Clinton (@ HillaryClinton) July 7.
Donald Trump tweeted a picture of a Frozen coloring book with a star on its earlier in the week of Hillary Clinton that was criticized as being anti - Semitic. Shortly afterward, Clinton followed Trump's tweet with a line from the film's . The Far Right's Most Common Memes Explained For Normal People.
As ' Frozen ' taught us, when you're in a fight with a snow queen, you But Americans will choose a clever Disney joke over an anti - Semitic, alt-right meme If Clinton learns to deliver the former and Trump continues to trip..

Trump frozen antisemitic meme clinton - - traveling

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trump frozen antisemitic meme clinton

This is an opinion piece. The Andrew Klavan Show. People were also excited that the hard-hitting issues were being addressed so early in the election. Instead of hitting Clinton, he struck a glancing blow at best before moving on to an aggressive attack on Republican Gov. But he was damn good at killing terrorists," Trump said Wednesday. Later Wednesday evening, Trump tweeted a picture of a Disney movie sticker book for "Frozen" that featured a six-pointed star. Log In or Sign Up. Like us on Facebook.

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  • Maybe attack some of his former rivals from the primary, already vanquished but apparently not forgotten? Where is the outrage for this Disney book?
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Trump frozen antisemitic meme clinton - - journey

Trump also praised former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is being vetted as a potential vice presidential pick and joined him at the rally. The Democrats voted for a candidate whose e-mail was probably penetrated by Russian and Chinese security services. Some people asked for certain things to just be left alone — like childhood movies!