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What you will find in this section can be described as weird stuff, strange stuff, and generally offbeat. Or, if you prefer, try our fun stuff section.
Weird Stuff is one of a few known repair depots for Tesla Violet Rays in North America. In fact there are only a handful of individuals that are skilled enough to be...

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The paper I use is special ordered ultrasound paper. Listverse is a Trademark of Listverse Ltd. We hope you enjoy your journey into the Weird Stuff Store the most Unusual antique and collectible store in the City of, one can find anything ranging from the hottest vinyl,great art deco and... He was undoubtedly parent-approved material—doting, respectful, and frighteningly intelligent. Our loss is your gain. So she got me this mug. If you want to see photos and videos of naked people that really shouldn't remove their clothes doing things that are on the weird side follow this link and consider yourself warned. Beachgoers Fretina Over Mysterious Giant Eyeball.